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Introduction to Sure Sales & Lettings

We do anything pertaining to residential property falls within our purview. This year marks the 20th anniversary of our company, and I’ve been a part of it for seven years. During this time, I’ve witnessed several noteworthy changes.

How has IT Helpdesk supported Sure Sales & Lettings as it has scaled over time

Yes, absolutely. I believe the technology aspect will always remain a constant presence; it’s here to stay. What’s particularly valuable about our partnership with Zishan is the ongoing and open communication we maintain. We frequently approach Zishan with queries, asking if certain actions are possible or if we can implement specific ideas we’ve come across.

Zishan consistently responds, offering solutions or suggesting alternative approaches when necessary. Having this kind of support is, I believe, an essential component. Another advantage is that our 365 tenancies exist independently of this partnership, which sometimes limits our understanding of what’s achievable due to the ever-evolving nature of Microsoft updates.

How Sure saved countless hours of time, after working with us

Having these systems, like for employee onboarding, has given me more time to focus on other activities. It’s definitely given me some time back, and now the users contact us directly. Andrew doesn’t need to be involved, and it’s a win-win situation for all parties involved.

How Sure Sales & Lettings Streamlined Operations

In the past, managing tasks and related processes was a significant challenge. It often felt like we were met with a ‘computer says no’ attitude, where it was nearly impossible to make things work the way we wanted. However, things have taken a complete U-turn. Now, we’re actively seeking solutions for every aspect of our business.

The key question becomes, how do we seamlessly integrate these solutions into our operations? How do we ensure that all these components communicate effectively with each other? One significant shift that I foresee is the implementation of background automations that will liberate our team from routine tasks.

This shift will enable us to focus on our core responsibilities rather than getting bogged down by IT administrative tasks. For instance, if we receive data from a Facebook ad, how can we efficiently extract and integrate that information into our daily CRM system? It’s all about connecting the dots and streamlining our processes.

Why Other Property companies should work with IT Helpdesk

Whether it’s our phone systems going offline or any other technical hiccup, The Shed team is always ready to jump in and find a solution. It’s a highly cost-effective solution for us, and I honestly can’t envision finding a better alternative elsewhere.