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Home IT Support

Same day services from an IT support provider you can trust

  • Onsite Support
  • Remote Support
  • Repair by Post
  • Maintenance & Support Contracts

Onsite Support

Before you start thinking about crushing your computer, pick up the phone and call our support line, we’ll guarantee to find a solution to your problem. During the call please describe the problem you are having as much as possible. Our engineer will then advise you on the best solution possible and if any home visit is required. If indeed the problem can not be solved remotely you will have the choice of a home visit for £35 per hour, the engineer will repair the problem onsite or pick up the computer, repair it in the workshop and deliver it back to you for a fixed price of £99* no matter how long the job takes.

Remote Support

Remote support will be carried out remotely from our workshop, if the engineer decides that there’s no need for a home visit the problem will be solved remotely for £20 per hour. For remote support we use the latest state of the art remote console with 256Bit security encryption (Encryption used by most government networks) which is 100% secure with no risk of intrusion.

Repair by Post

If you are a busy person and based miles and miles away from our workshop, we can arrange a free pickup by Parcelforce or Royal Mail within 3 hours and have your computer delivered back to you within 2 – 3 working days. All for £25 per hour.

Maintenance & Support Contracts

If you are constantly having computer problems why not sign up for one of our Maintenance & Support Contracts from as little as £12** per computer. With our state of the art Monitoring Tool*** you will not even have to call us most of the time to report an issue. Whenever a problem arises, our monitoring tool will automatically alert us if a problem will occur in the future days or weeks enabling us to prevent it before it arises, thus keeping your computers healthy. This state of the art monitoring tool will also monitor your computer health, hardware failure, missed backup schedules and more.

*Includes free delivery within a 15 mile radius of our workshop. If you are based more than 15 miles away from our workshop a delivery fee of £20 will apply.

**A minimum of 5 computers is required.

***Available for contract customers only.

To get free advice over the phone or to book a home visit please call 01283 337 225.