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Introduction to HR Accountants

From day one IT was one of the biggest issues for me, and is very important, to make sure that my systems are secure. So, I got IT Helpdesk on board.

What Problems Did HR Face Before IT Helpdesk?

I do need IT, including security, which is one of the biggest issues for me. Yeah, I could do the basics, setting up a laptop, setting up a local printer, downloading software here or there, but for me, the emails, the security on emails, making sure all that’s secure, that’s when I realized I need professional help and hence you know I contacted IT Helpdesk and you know they’ve kind of had my back ever since.

Well obviously, time is key in our industry. We are extremely busy. busy and I don’t need a headache in regards to IT. So whenever there’s a problem I leave it to the IT Helpdesk which allows me to focus on what I do, continue with meetings and just leave the IT to the IT Helpdesk.

Why should Accountants choose IT Helpdesk?

I believe that if they were interested in hearing positive attributes about Zishan, I would mention his reliability, honesty, and cost-consciousness, which is particularly important given the high costs prevalent in various industries nowadays. All three qualities combined with his ability to relate and communicate effectively make him a valuable asset. These are genuinely commendable traits.