McKenna Flooring Server Crisis

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The Client

McKenna Flooring offer a complete flooring service so that our clients only have one contractor to deal with enabling them to concentrate on running the project rather than having to sort out the contractual problems normally associated with the screed, flooring and ceramic trades. By being one of the first flooring contractors to offer the full in house service we have full control over the works reducing the risk to programme.

We hold a CSCS Platinum award and are always looking at continuous training to ensure our staff are up to date with current trade requirements.

They are Members of the Contract Flooring Association.

The Challenge

McKenna Flooring contacted IT Helpdesk due to a major IT service outage, which caused the business to briefly stop functioning. After the existing IT support company failed to resolve the issue, McKenna Flooring contacted the team at IT Helpdesk. The team spent time and effort to get the failing server up and running for McKenna flooring and were successful where others failed.

Following this major outage, the challenge was to ensure this did not happen again and ultimately ensure that the business services had redundancy so that key business information was not lost.

McKenna Flooring are a hybrid environment of windows and Macintosh (Apple) This type of environment brings its own challenges. The server that failed was a Mac Mini entry-level server with no redundancy. The email accounts were hosted with a third party and failed often due to the size of the mailboxes that are McKenna Flooring operated with.

The Solution

Working through the night the team at IT Helpdesk rebuilt the existing server infrastructure from the bottom up so that McKenna flooring were able to trade by the morning.

Key steps were subsequently decided so that McKenna flooring would not be in this position again. The team immediately deployed an offsite cloud redundancy solution so that if this issue ever happened again McKenna Flooring were not in danger of losing the files.

IT Helpdesk provided McKenna flooring with an upgrade plan as the Mac Mini was deemed not to be sufficient to the needs of the business.

Following discussions with McKenna flooring about the existing IT network and the potential growth plans, IT Helpdesk provided the business with a detailed solution with the requirements set out in a consultation document.

An Apple Mac Pro server was deployed with 16GB RAM and 12TB G- RAID thunderbolt storage. This allowed for a seamless migration of the folders and files to the new infrastructure but also provided the business with expansion and growth when required.

IT helpdesk also migrated the email accounts from the third party and hosted this internally to ensure performance of this was rapidly improved.
McKenna flooring commissioned IT helpdesk to deploy this solution and now utilise the team for their ongoing IT support needs.